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US Law Shield

US Law Shield   


US Law Shield, also called Texas Law Shield, offers firearms legal protection plans that are legal defense for self defense. If someone breaks into your home, threatens your family and you shoot, you’re acting in pure self-defense, which any sane American understands.

But you can still be sued. Charges can still be filed. You can face severe penalties.

The law may leave you with a financial mess on your hands as you try to pay for legal bills to defend your decision to protect your family.

US Law Shield removes the hesitation that some firearm owners have when they have a choice between protecting their family or not. You should never have to think of the legal and financial consequences that your self-defense actions result in.

And that’s where US Law Shield comes in.

What is US Law Shield?

texas law shield

U.S. & Texas Law Shield is a company, founded in 2009, with the mission of protecting your Second Amendment rights. Offering concealed weapon legal defense, the company empowers members through:

  • Education
  • Coverage

Members pay monthly or annually for a robust set of insurance and educational resources that strengthen them as firearms owners. A firearm is worthless when protecting your family when the moment you pull the trigger, you’re seen as the aggressor.

Through well-planned coverage, members have peace of mind in knowing that they can act in self-defense and not turn their world upside down in the process.

US Law Shield provides so much more than just CCW insurance.

If you had only a baseball bat in arm’s reach and that’s what you used to defend yourself from an assailant, other insurance companies would say “too bad.”  But not members of US Law Shield. You have coverage for any weapon that you use in self-defense.

The legal system is harsh on anyone using deadly force, even if they’re trying to escape harm.

Members don’t have to worry about the ramifications because they have strict coverage.

Firearms Legal Protection Plans by US Law Shield

Firearm protection is not a one-size fits all solution, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when signing up for a membership. Basic and optional coverage options exist, and you’ll first start off with choosing:

  • One adult coverage, or
  • Two adult coverage

Two adult coverage is what couples would want to ensure that coverage is provided for both spouses. You never know who is going to pull the trigger, so it’s optimal for every adult in the household to be a member.

You can pay monthly or annually, and the annual payment option does come with a nice discount for paying upfront.

A one-time setup fee is assessed for each member.

An Overview of Standard Benefits

Memberships always include the following coverage:

  • Access to an emergency hotline that’s open 24/7 and is always answered by an attorney
  • Discounts and special perks on everything from firearms to optics, training courses and range time
  • No caps on attorney fees and no deductibles
  • Full legal representation for civil and criminal proceedings
  • Seminars where members are able to meet with lawyers, instructors and other experts

As a member, these are the key coverage benefits that most people are concerned about. Since there are no caps or fees, you’re not going to find yourself in a financial hole at the end of your proceedings.

You’ll be able to breathe knowing that you don’t have deductibles or fees to pay for your coverage.

The coverage includes:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Hotline which is an exclusive hotline for all members that allows you to call the number on the back of your membership card night or day. As a member, you’ll receive priority call answering that is available even on holidays. The emergency hotline is always answered by lawyers who can assist with any self-defense issue that you may have.
  • Non-emergency Hotline which is the number you’ll want to call if you have questions that are not dire. Your call is handled by an attorney who is part of the Independent Program. Emergency and non-emergency calls are always part of the Independent Program for added safety and convenience.
  • Educational Materials that include exclusive media and education materials. You’ll gain access to member stories, newsletters, gun law updates in your state and access to the Defender Reports media library. Self-defense often starts with education, and these resources are invaluable for members.

Legal representatives will be able to confidently handle all of your legal issues from pretrial investigations to police investigations and criminal or civil trials. This is true representation that is what you would expect from a private law firm. Your lawyer’s main concern will be your freedom, and you don’t have to worry about padded hours or fees – it’s covered in your membership.

This is the “meat” of the coverage, and it’s a lot of coverage for a small monthly or annual fee. Any firearms owner would be happy with this coverage, but the coverage covers all weapons, so it’s far more than what the competition offers.

An Overview of Optional Coverage

Optional coverage is modular, broken down into different coverage options where you can pick and choose what type of coverage works best for you. Keep in mind all of these options are additions to your core membership.

You won’t miss out on any of the protections that I’ve mentioned already.

And US Law Shield Reviews almost always praise the ease of adding or removing some of these additional coverage options.

Customization options include:

  • Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage can be added to each member’s coverage and will provide you with legal defense if your right to carry, name or identity are ever compromised. The Independent Program Attorney program, the same offered in the core membership, will provide representation in this case, too. Coverage not only covers the current firearms you own, but will also cover any future firearms that you own.
  • Multi-State Protection is a great option if you venture out of the state often or plan to conceal carry outside of your state. Multi-state protection is priced very low per month and provides coverage for all 50 states in the country. You also gain coverage in Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.
  • Bail Bond and Expert Witness is an add-on that I highly recommend because it may mean the difference between awaiting trial in prison or from the comfort of your home. This add-on also provides expert witness services which are going to strengthen your defense and help you overcome your legal troubles. The protection provides up to $50,000 in bail.
  • Minor Children coverage is a great option if you have minors in your home. The coverage provides the same great benefits to all minors in the home at less than the cost of a coffee for the entire month. I know a lot of parents that teach their children self-defense and also teach them how to hunt. Teens, especially, may grab a gun to protect their family. Extending coverage to the minors in your home is highly advised if they’re old enough to use a firearm.
  • HunterShield is the go-to option for anyone that hunts or fishes often. Complex hunting laws can leave you in jeopardy when you’re out in nature trying to hunt for your family. The coverage is an addition to your core memberships and adds hunting accidents to your coverage. This add-on is on a per-person basis.

US Law Shield FAQs

When signing up for any firearm protection plan, your best bet is to ask a lot of questions. Plans vary greatly from one company to the next, and since insurance in the industry isn’t standardized, there are a lot of companies that sell plans that don’t provide enough protection.

Can you cancel your membership?

Situations change, and you’re free to cancel your membership at any time. When you cancel, you will have the membership fees prorated and returned to you. This is a great option for anyone moving out of the country, deciding not to have coverage or someone who is selling their firearm.

Am I Covered With a Rifle or Shotgun?

Yes. Any legal weapon is fully covered. Weapons that are illegal are not covered. If the weapon that you use in self-defense is 100% legal, you can be confident that as a member, you will have coverage for your legal bills.

Are Appeals or Retrials Covered?

If your case goes to appeals or a retrial, you’ll also be covered. The coverage will extend until your case is closed. You can ask for the service to provide an appeal on your behalf, but the appeal cannot be frivolous in nature or in any way done in bad faith.

Otherwise, US Law Shield will proceed through the appeals process in an effort to regain you your freedom.

US Law Shield provides peace of mind for anyone that conceal carries or anyone that knows that they’ll do everything in their power to protect their home or family. Self-defense is not always clear cut, and even if you were acting in pure self-defense, you need a company like US Law Shield to protect your rights.