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Second Call Defense

Second Call Defense offers insurance for anyone that owns a firearm and would use it in a life or death situation. The moment you pull the trigger, even in a state with the Castle Doctrine, you’re at risk of being sued and facing severe legal liabilities.

Insurance allows you to confidently exercise your rights under the Second Amendment without the burden of having to pay for bail bonds, lawyers or miss work with a lengthy trial.

Month-to-month coverage ensures that you have the insurance you need to confidently protect yourself with a firearm. The coverage is extensive, and there is additional support and training that will be invaluable if you’re defending yourself in a self defense case.

What is Second Call Defense?

2nd call defense insurance

Second Call Defense offers self defense insurance with one main goal: to protect gun owners.

The company is founded on the basic principle that gun ownership is a natural right under the Second Amendment.

Second Call Defense is an insurance company that protects gun owners if they ever have to use their firearms in self defense.

Many states now allow residents to own, carry and use firearms – it’s a legal right – but when acting in self defense, gun owners are still sued. Long legal battles can lead to bankruptcy and financial hardships despite the circumstances surrounding the case.

The insurer is managed by Second Amendment advocates.

After you defend yourself with a firearm, the second person you should call is Second Call Defense.

Second Call Defense Membership Options

Second Call offers membership plans, and members can opt to pay:

  • Monthly
  • Annually

Annual plans are slightly discounted, and spouses can be added to a plan for a small monthly fee. The plan options include:

Entry Level

A basic entry level plan is $9.95 a month or $119 annually. Spouses can be added for $4 a month, or $48 annually. When you’re a basic member, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • $10,000 accidental shooting protection
  • $10,000 criminal defense protection
  • $1,000 cash for bonds
  • $2,000 immediate attorney retainer

But Second Call Defense offers more than just monetary coverage to their members. As a member, you’ll receive additional benefits that will make defending yourself much easier if you use a firearm.

The benefits include:

  • 24/7 hotline for emergency calls
  • Crisis manager
  • Access to the company’s nationwide attorney network
  • Local attorney referral in as most as 24 hours
  • Emergency contact notification to alert family members or loved ones

All members will also gain access to the member-only newsletter and Self Defense News.


The Defender plan is a full coverage plan that is $14.95 per month or $179 when paying annually. Spouses can be added to the plan for an additional $5 per month. Coverage under this plan is far more extensive, but it’s coverage that anyone with a family, household or assets would want to procure.

The Defender plan offers:

  • $500,000 in civil suit defense protection
  • $50,000 in civil suit damages protection
  • $50,000 in accidental shooting protection
  • $50,000 in criminal defense protection

Additional financial support on top of this includes:

  • $5,000 for bond
  • $5,000 immediate attorney retainer
  • $1,000 for aftermath cleanup
  • $250 per day in compensation while in court

If you do have to go to court, you’ll receive $250 in compensation that will allow you to pay your bills and support your family.

You’ll also receive all of the benefits of the Entry Level plan plus:

  • Expert witness coordination to further strengthen your defense
  • Gun retrieval or replacement of your firearm
  • 20 sessions of psychological support to deal with the mental aftermath
  • On-site assistance

Training remains the same with a newsletters and access to Self Defense News, but you’ll also gain access to Online Training.

Elite Protection

If you want the best coverage, Elite Protection is the ultimate plan. You’ll pay $34.95 per month or $399 for the year. Spouses are added at $7 a month or $80 for the entire year. The plan’s coverage is exceptional, offering:

  • $1 million in civil suit defense protection
  • $250,000 in civil suit damages protection
  • $250,000 in accidental shooting protection
  • $100,000 in criminal defense protection

Additional financial support on top of this includes:

  • $25,000 for bond
  • $10,000 immediate attorney retainer
  • $2000 for aftermath cleanup
  • $500 per day in compensation while in court

Daily compensation while in court is higher, and you’ll have much higher protection limits. Anyone with a high net worth or that has substantial assets will want to consider Elite Protection because of the higher limitations on the plan.

An additional benefit is that there’s 40 psychological support sessions offered rather than 20. While you may not feel like you’ll need these sessions, shooting and potentially killing another person will have a psychological impact.

These sessions can help you combat much of this psychological impact.

Benefits are valid anywhere you go. If you have to defend yourself at work, home or while on vacation, the protection will follow you throughout the United States. You’re also legally protected in U.S. territories.

Real-time protection is provided through the Rapid Response team, so you’ll start to enjoy your protection once law enforcement arrives on the scene.

Second Call Defense is not a reimbursement plan. As long as you’re a valid member, you will not have to pay any additional upfront costs. All of the costs that you pay are for your membership only.

You never have to pay any of the following out of your own pocket:

  • Bail
  • Legal fees
  • Retainer

All firearms are covered, including handguns, rifles and shotguns. Members do not need to have a concealed carry license to join, and membership is month-to-month with no long-term commitment required.

Spouses are added for a nominal fee every month, and you’re free to cancel or change your membership at any time.

The only states where insurance is not available are: New Jersey, New York and Washington.

Firearms are the only weapons covered under the insurance policy. Knives and other weapons are not covered. Second Call Defense works with firearm coverage only, and it allows the insurer to have a better understanding of local laws and protect the members better.

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