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Firearms Legal Protection

Firearms Legal Protection Review

Firearms Legal Protection prepares you and your family with transparent legal services if you need to use your firearm in self-defense. Multiple membership options are available which provide superb coverage that’s available in all 50 states.

Firearms Legal Protection Coverage Options 

Pre-paid legal services membership comes in three main tiers that fit into every budget and family. You can choose between the following coverage options:

  1. Individual Basic,which costs $14.95 per month or $179 per year
  2. Individual Premium, which costs $24.95 per month or $299 per year
  3. Family Premium, which costs $39.95 per month or $479 per year

If you’re located in one of the following states, keep in mind that the plans and pricing may vary:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina

Otherwise, the plans listed are priced as listed.

Individual Basic

The Basic plan is designed if you need protection only in your state. If you’re only carrying your firearm in your home and plan to use it for self-defense, this is a good option for you. When you choose the Individual Basic, you’ll benefit from:

  • Local criminal defense attorneys that have been vetted by Firearms Legal Protection
  • 24/7 emergency hotline with an attorney
  • Red flag law protection, also called extreme risk protection
  • 100% covered fees for:
    • Attorney
    • Criminal case defense
    • Civil suit defense

Individual Premium

The Individual Premium plan provides all of the benefits of the Individual Basic plan plus the following additional benefit:

  • Coverage in all 50 states
  • $250,000 bail bond protection
  • Investigator fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Scene clean-up if an incident occurs
  • Reimbursement for lost wages
  • Counseling support following an incident
  • Payment if your firearm is confiscated

Access to the Firearms Legal Protection mobile app that offers quicker access to your membership benefits and can file an incident report.

One of the key benefits of the Individual Premium plan is that you’ll have coverage in all 50 states. If you have to use a firearm for protection in another state, you’ll have your fees covered. You may not need this plan if you don’t travel often, but you do need this plan if you don’t travel often and carry your firearm with you.

Counseling support and incident cleanup doesn’t seem important at first, but it is an essential benefit that allows you to return to normal everyday life. If you do have to use a firearm, it can take a massive toll on your mental health. Counseling helps you cope with the mental struggle most people go through after an incident occurs.

Note: All individual plans have a $19.95 setup fee, which is applied to your first bill.

Family Premium

The Family Premium plan is identical to the Individual Premium plan, but this plan provides extended benefits to your:

  • Spouse
  • All minors

Minors must be under the age of 17 and live at home. Note that only minors are covered under the plan. Adult children would need their own plan to enjoy full coverage. There is a $39.90 setup fee for families that is applied to your first bill.

What are Red Flag Benefits?

Extreme Risk Protection Orders are in place in 15 states currently and pending in 21 states currently. “Red Flag Law” prevents you from hurting yourself or others by taking your gun away before you use them.

For example, if you’re a potential threat to someone else, law enforcement has the right to take your firearm away.

Every state has its own version of these laws, but a petition can be sent to a judge for removal of your firearm, including a petition from:

  • Family members
  • Law enforcement

The accused has the burden of proof to plead their case and get their firearms back. You’ll have to hire an attorney and plea your case in front of the court, which means spending your own money. Firearms Legal Protection will cover these fees with even the Individual Basic plan.

Pre-paid Legal vs Insurance Plans

A prepaid legal service is different from the standard insurance program that a lot of gun owners choose. Insurance is good to have for your health and auto insurance, but it’s not the optimal choice if you’re a gun owner.

Firearms Legal Protection is pre-paid, meaning that your fees cover:

  • Attorney fees
  • Investigators
  • Expert witnesses

Premium plans through Firearms Legal Protection provide you with a competent, local attorney who’s well-researched and reviewed. You do have the right to reject an attorney if they’re not a good choice for you.

Insurance plans do not cover your costs upfront.

Typically, insurance plans require you to pay attorney fees upfront. You’ll have to pay all fees out-of-pocket and then wait for the insurer to reimburse you. If you’re not acquitted of the charges or you opt for a plea deal, the fees are not reimbursed.

Firearms Legal Protection covers all of your costs upfront, allowing you to stay financially stable and sound if you have to use your firearm for self-defense. Through the membership programs available, you benefit from:

  1. Civil and criminal fees covered for you directly
  2. Research into the best criminal lawyers in your area
  3. Comprehensive protection at a low price

You’ll also benefit from education and awareness information, too. Safety tips, seminars and industry publications are also available, allowing you to learn changes to regulations and how to stay safer in your own home.

Firearms Legal Program Reviews

Firearms Legal Protection is very well-rated by consumers who want to protect themselves and their families. The program offers extensive coverage and numerous tiers to allow you to pick and choose which membership fits into your budget and needs.

There are sparse complaints, but the one that is most important is that you don’t get to pick your own attorney.


One complaint that members have is that you’re not allowed to pick your own attorney. Instead, the company recommends an attorney that has been vetted by Firearms Legal and is a criminal law specialist.

The benefit to this is that you know you’re going to work with an attorney who has experience and has been well-researched.

But a lot of people want to choose their own attorney, which is not allowed. What if you’re assigned to an attorney that doesn’t meet your needs? You’re able to request a different attorney until you find one that you feel comfortable taking your case.

While a small complaint, it’s one that every member should consider.

The perk is that you don’t have to pay for the fees upfront and wait for a potential reimbursement from the insurer. You simply call, talk to the attorney and go about your normal life without fearing that the insurer will find a loophole to not pay for your attorney and additional fees.